ways to cut back on utility usage

A big percentage of our energy costs are household use.  Utility bills can be a big drain on the bank account.  Fortunately there are simple ways one can cut back on the use of utilities.  And at the same time, you’d help conserve energy and the environment.

Incandescent light bulbs not only use a lot more electricity, but one has to repeatedly replace them.  Save on both energy costs and long term light bulb usage by buying fluorescent light bulbs.  Fluorescent light bulbs not only use a lot less energy, they last for years.  So one would lower the electric bill and save a lot of money over time on light bulb purchases.

Another way to cut back on energy usage is to insulate the home.  An insulated home will use less energy in both warming and cooling the house.  Glass windows can be installed in the home as well.  There are weatherization programs that can assist with this.  For more information, interested parties should go to this WAP site.

You may also do research into the most energy efficient appliances, and also assess you needs. Adjusting the thermostat helps.   In the winter time, you don’t have to burn up in your home.  Lower the temperature to 70 or even the upper 60s.  If just in the 80s outside, a good fan will do a good job of cooling.  And it will use a lot less electricity than any air conditioner.

turning off lightsTurning off lights when you’re not using them, turning them off during the day, or turning off certain appliances when they aren’t being used helps a lot too.

As for water usage, that can be cut back with updated appliances as well.   The more modern style or commercial styles of washers by their nature use less water.  One can landscape with more drought resistant plants, as they will require less water.  As for lawn grasses, instead of planting Kentucky Bluegrass sod, one can plant bermuda or zoysia grasses.  Bermuda and zoysia are deep rooted, drought tolerant grasses.  They might grown a letter less when dry, but that’s great, as you won’t have to spend money on gasoline for the lawn mower.