Top 12 Ways to Save During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching once again, which is very exciting to most people. However, along with holidays and getting to see distant relatives comes having to buy gifts. Sadly, many people are under the impression that they need to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on buying gifts for their friends and family members. There are several things people can do to save money while holiday shopping.

Setting a Budget

The reality is that most adults do not really care about what they get for the holidays, so the majority of the budget should be allocated to the kids in the family. With that being said, people do not need to give every kid a $50 video game. Instead, they could maybe budget for a couple hundred dollars, and allocate $20 per person if there are 10 people.

Make a ListMake a List

Making a list of everything one plans to buy can not only give them an idea in regards to where to start, but it can also be used as a comparison to the budget. This will also prevent shoppers from becoming overly excited and buying twice as many gifts.

Time Equals Money

People want to save money, and they go to extreme measures to do so. Is it really worth it to spend an extra $20 in gas to drive to the nearest big city to save $5 on a product that could have been purchased across town just to tell others how cheap the product was purchased for? Additionally, people need to consider the amount of time they are wasting by trying to save a little money.

Use the Internet and Technology

Another thing people need to take advantage of during the holidays is the Internet and other technology that can make things easier on their wallet and time management. By using the Internet, people can find deals on the same products found in stores for a lower price oftentimes. Smartphone applications that scan barcodes should also be used by everyone.

Miscellaneous Special Offers

Sales are everywhere, but there are also other special offers that many people do not even think about looking for. A lot of stores will have coupons strategically placed, which can be picked up and used at the point of sale. Additionally, many online stores offer free shipping during the holiday season, but it may require entering a special code.

Smartphone Scanner

By scanning a barcode at a store, the app will bring up a listing of other stores within a close drive that sell the identical product, and it will also tell what their current price is on it. Some of these apps even allow people to search for the same product on the Internet, which will give them even more stores to compare prices with.

Watch for Sale Ads

Sales ads; they are printed in nearly every paper starting about a month, if not earlier, before the holiday festivities kickoff. It is important to keep an eye out for these as it is highly likely that an item a family member has added to their wish list will eventually popup in one of these advertisements, and this can save shoppers a fair amount of money. Some companies will even advertise their holiday specials on their website, so this is another great place to check for deals that can save a nice amount of money.

Start Early

By starting the shopping process at least a couple of weeks to a month before the holidays start, people will still be able to buy the same gifts for the same price, but they will not have to worry about pushing and shoving their way through department stores. In addition, they will feel a lot better by knowing that they have all of their holiday shopping done before other people have even made their shopping list.

Less is More: Prepaid Cards

The thing with these cards is they have a less is more image to where $10 on a gift card is better than just a $10 gift to a lot of people because they can buy whatever they want.

Black Friday and Cyber MondayBlack Friday and Cyber Monday

The Friday after Thanksgiving, and the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend feature two of the biggest sales of the year. This is a great time to knock the holiday shopping out early and save money.

Homemade Gifts

Nothing is more original than a homemade gift. Perhaps, it is time for people to get a little creative and save money.

Buy Used or Last Year’s Model

Finally, shoppers could purchase a used product or last year’s model. Unless it is a video game or something that needs to be this year’s model to be of any use to the recipient, gifts do not have to be brand new.