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10 Discount Tactics for Holiday Shopping


Most people see the holidays as one of best times of the year; however, the thought of purchasing gifts stresses many people out. However, they can change their perspective this year by learning 10 of the discount tactics that can be used for holiday shopping.   Rebates Rather than marking down the price, many items will opt to offer rebates....

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Can credit consolidation help you pay down the credit card bills?

While having your own credit cards is a necessity in this tough economy, it is not at all essential that you should use them every now and then. Educating yourself properly on credit card usage is of utmost important if you really want to stay away from the credit card debt problems. However, if you are amongst those who have...

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10 Daily Expenses that Cost More Than You Think


You are heading to work for another long day at the office, and quite frankly, you would rather just stay home if given the option. As a result, you convince yourself that you need to buy some things along the route to make your day go a little smoother. However, I bet most of you would rather have more cash...

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10 Ways to Lower Your Health Insurance Premiums


While insurance is one of the most frustrating expenses to pay each month, it is something that may actually be legally required in the future. As a result, you will need to figure out a way to make it as affordable as possible unless money is in no way an issue to you. We have compiled a list of 10...

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Eight Places that Check Your Credit Score


Perhaps, you made a few financial mistakes with credit when you were younger, which is something that happens to more people than you might believe. Below, you will find a list of eight places that check your credit, but as long as you have at least an average credit score, you will likely not have any issues.   Car Dealerships...

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