fishing for money

Depending on one’s situation, sometimes one job isn’t enough.  Therefore in order to make ends meet, you may need to moonlight or freelance.   There are a variety of ways to earn extra money.  First, one has to do a personal assessment of one’s job skills, resumes, contacts, and of work available both locally and online.

Side jobs can be for people of any skill set or educational background.  If you’re comfortable working outside and handling tools, you might cut lawns or do landscaping.  Such opportunities can be found through word of mouth, and by posting on craigslist.  Certain jobs are more likely to be for contractors, and for these you’d need to get hired by the firm in its field.  If you’re good with kids, you might do baby sitting sometime.  A number of people have to use babysitters at times, and pay varies but it can be a good way to get extra cash.

fishing for moneyCertain jobs are seasonal.  During certain parts of the year, for example, there are a number of catering jobs as people hold holiday parties, graduate from college or high school, have summer family reunions, etc.  For these types of jobs, one just applies to a catering company or other seasonal employer.  One can look up companies in the yellow pages to see what their staffing needs are, or go on craigslist.  Certain companies clean up houses or apartments.  Professional cleaners often need extra help near college campuses after the school year ends, as kids move out of their rental units.

Blogging and video blogging can be ways to earn extra money.  Once a blog is setup, there are a number of ways to monetize it.  One can sign up for Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, or any number of other ad programs, and have these posted on the blog.   In order to earn a worthwhile some of money, the blog must be promoted and traffic needs to be fairly high.  Google Adsense ads can be posted on YouTube as well.  Video blogging tends to be a bit more lucrative than regular article blogging.

If you have a bachelors degree, you might consider substitute teaching as a source of extra income.  This of course depends on your schedule, but a number of people have used this for extra income.  If you’re an expert in your field or you have a masters degree, there are possibilities of working as an adjunct professor.

In terms of earning extra money, the most important thing to do is assess what things you like doing and what things you can easily do.  Once you do that, you can begin going after those gigs.

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