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Understanding The Pricing Structure Of Payday Loans

TweetShareWhat’s the pricing structure of payday loans? Studies show that the interest rates and processing costs are definitely significantly higher than for loans availed at banks. Why do PayDay loan companies charge high interest and processing rates? How are they justified, and what’s the financial reckoning behind their pricing structure? So How Does The Pricing Structure Work? Let us say...

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10 Reasons Why People Opt For Payday Loans

TweetShareYes, PayDay loans do enjoy high interest rates; roll over fees and other complex fee systems. Still, people opt for them regularly – in fact, for some people, PayDay loans are an absolute necessity for survival. Why do people continue to opt for PayDay loans despite the very obvious drawbacks? Quick Money Where else can a person get quick cash,...

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PayDay Loan Laws Around The World

TweetShareThe laws and regulations surrounding PayDay Loans and loan companies vary from country to country. Presently, four countries offer PayDay loans – The United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Here’s a study of the inherent nature and drawbacks of these loans in each of these countries. PayDay Loans In Australia The Australian PayDay loans market averages 1 billion...

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Payday Loans In The United States And How They Work

TweetShareIn the United States, a PayDay Loan is a small advance availed against one’s monthly salary. The loan doesn’t have much to do with the borrower’s payday, as much as it has to do with the borrower’s need. PayDay loan legislation varies in every US state. Here’s what you need to know about PayDay Loans in the US and how...

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