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2012 US Credit Card Usage Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

TweetShareIn spite of the tough global economy, credit card usage is still growing. There are about 181 million credit cards in the US! Most people actually use it on travel expenses, and surprisingly only 1 in 5 use them to pay for bills. Infographic by- The Credit Examiner To Publish This Image on Your Blog or Website, Copy This Code...

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Get started on a roadmap to savings for rainy days

Saving for a rainy day

TweetShareA number of things can be done to save money for a rainy day.  First, you must assess what services and which things you actually need.   Then look over which services are redundant.  From there, certain lifestyle changes can actually create big savings.  Unless you have some special reason why you must have a big brand item, avoid the most expensive brands.  Also avoid buying...

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