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Blogging and Personal Finance with Satrap


TweetShareUpon immigrating to the US, Satrap tried making a living in various ways from CPA, to his current day job, hardwood floor installer.  In the process, he learned quite a bit about personal finance and decided to blog about it.  After putting in a lot of hard work into his blogging activities, became his main source of income.  One...

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Financial Restoration with Bob Lotich


TweetShareBob Lotich is a former banker with a degree in business administration.  After hitting rock bottom financially, Bob restored himself to financial health.  He is a strong advocate of making yourself debt free.  Bob uses a number of biblical verses as the source of inspiration for his words of wisdom on personal finance.   *Can you talk about how you got started in...

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The Importance of Insurance to Financial Health


TweetShareMaintaining good financial health is more than just budgetting and saving.  Even one with a comparatively good savings rate can be wiped out by any number of disasters.  Issues such as medical problems, fires, theft, car accidents, and natural disasters can destroy the savings of even the best savers.  So its important to assess risks and have as much coverage...

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Establishing Credit


TweetShareEstablishing your credit history is extremely important to your long term future.  Most major purchases, such as automobile and housing, are made at least in part with credit.  Rentals such as automobile rentals or hotels rentals, typically prefer credit over debit cards.  Therefore, being responsible with credit is essential.   How does one start a credit history.  An easy way...

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Smart Budgeting in Monroe with Paula Wethington


TweetShare·  Can you talk about how you got started in the personal finance space? Two details make my involvement in the blogosphere unique. The first is: I’m a newspaper reporter who uses the blog format in her work. I work at The Monroe Evening News, a daily newspaper in Monroe, Mich. The second is: Monroe on a Budget aims for...

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